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Video Production



How Important is Video Production?

Nope, online video and video production is NOT just another hyped-up marketing fad that’s bound to fade into oblivion. There’s got to be a reason why video production sites like Viemo, Youtube, Dailymotion, and others are gaining popularity. Moreover, other social networking and media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram have integrated video in their features!

If that’s not enough proof, then looking at the 2012 report of the B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey.  The survey revealed that respondents choose video production over the reams of white papers, case studies, and even live demonstration with representatives.

Yes, online corporate video production Sydney is getting stronger as a business tool. If you are yet to include it in your business toolbox, the following 3 reasons why it’s so important in today’s business setting will convince you.

Corporate Video Right Can Increase Brand Recognition

Creating and distributing a professional corporate video production made specifically for your business website is very important. By doing so, you establish your services and offers in your industry. Unlike a team of reps, a video can tell you what your business does; what benefits you can deliver; and connect with your audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And when your video is distributed to the right channels and networks, your business’ brand and credibility can only increase. Implementing video production is a must!

People love Videos, It Engages Them!

People today prefer watching videos instead of reading long, boring blocks of text. The reason is simple: Videos are way more engaging. If your business has products or services that need an explanation to convert, delaying a video production and distributing it through your website, blog, Facebook page, and YouTube channel can do wonders for your lead generation, customer acquisition rate, and profit.

Believe it or not, video marketing and video production is still a relatively young tool for generating leads. But it shouldn’t take long for the rest of the business world to catch up. Use it to its fullest potential before other people jump on the bandwagon.

Video Production Decreases Website Bounce Rate

Who doesn’t go online nowadays!? Everybody uses the internet for their own purposes – from 12-year-olds to retirees and everyone else in between. You’ve got a website to capture the attention of your target market (online) – that’s good. However, when you add a professional video to your site, the quality and quantity of your online traffic can only bet better.

You see, the average online visitor will leave your site in just a couple of seconds if they don’t find anything engaging…. like a video. This is called bounce rate, and a higher bounce rate means more people who drop by at your site don’t really get your message. However, video production to the rescue!

Fortunately, you can greatly reduce your bounce rate and ensure that most of your visitors get the message you’re sending across. While it does depend on the quality and length of your video production, it has been proven – time and time again – that video content holds the attention of site visitors longer especially when compared to text-only content.

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