Saturday , 24 March 2018

UGC Video Production

UGC stands for user-generated content. Video production is tieing in with these more and more these days. Corporate video production companies like Full Frame Productions  are treating this as a real gap in the market. This is content done by the user, usually by the customers, talking about how they use the products, their feedback on it, their thoughts on the company, and so on. If these campaigns turn out with a positive outcome, they can be even more valuable than happy employee/customer testimonials.

While the testimonials come from real customers and real employees, they are still produced by the company, and people may consider that the company will only choose for this happy customers or employees. While, with UGC campaigns, there is no doubt that the customers were the ones to make the video, and the company only disclosed it in their campaigns.

UGC campaigns are a great way to get positiveness about a company out there, but they are also an amazing way to get some reviews and thoughts about the company and its products. Although most user-generated content should be positive, the reactions to it might be full of precious information for the company.

UGC campaigns carry a great advantage over others forms of corporate videos. UGC campaigns are, well, user generate, and any user who participates in the campaign, will want to show, and get his friends and family involved in the campaign. Besides being fun and supporting a company that they clearly like, it’s also something different to talk about. And most consumers trust word-of-mouth reviews and advertising more than they trust anything that comes out directly from the company. This is why most companies nowadays are getting into the “UGC game” and are launching their own user-generated content campaigns.

UGC campaigns usually happen when a company incentivizes its customers to share their thoughts on a product, a service or their overall satisfaction with the company. While the customers start sharing their thoughts over the Internet, the company keeps the ball rolling with advertisements, and provides some content by itself (users can’t do all the work). When the ball starts rolling, all the company has to do is maintain it, since people will see their friends and family sharing content, and they won’t want to be left out, so they will also share content, leading to a very successful user-generated content campaign.


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