Saturday , 24 March 2018

Crisis Communication Videos

Video production is fast and effective. Crisis communication needs to be this. Expected the unexpected, and be prepared for the worst. Although a successful company will have a lot of positive feedback coming in, there will also be some negative feedback – this is the price of success. However, it is possible that a customer finds out about a problem with the service or product a company can offer and places it on the Internet.

If such a thing happens, then everyone will know about the flaws in what the company has to offer, and now it is certainly all over the Internet, so a response is required. There is no ignoring such a problem, or else, customers will look at flaw, and go to the competition almost immediately. A response is required on behalf of the company, and it needs to be assertive. Using video production company can do this extremely well. Not too aggressive, not too passive, just right.

The company should create a video response of their own in order to fight fire with fire. In this response, professionalism is key, and should not be broken in a single sentence within the video. This would damage the reputation of the company in ways that it would take a few years just for the company to get over that critical event. The proper response should cover the addressed flaw, and either clear it up (if it actually isn’t a flaw but just a big misunderstanding) or state that the company is doing everything it can to fix the flaw, and there is no reason to be alarmed over it, since everything is going to be fixed and the problem is just temporary.

Any video response that actually offers a solution to the customers is a good one. It’s natural to make mistakes, it means the company is run by human beings and not by automated robots from space, and this too can be used as an advantage for the company, if it uses the opportunity to improve its reputation by calming the situation down, and promptly resolving the crisis.

Crisis communication should never be overlooked by any company, in any situation. Responding to a crisis when it actually happens, is a very critical mistake, unworthy of an authoritarian company. There should always be a pre-crisis plan designed to answer any type of problem that might come up (of course, if a flaw is known, it should be fixed). There should also be a post-crisis plan that should study what happened in the crisis itself, and allow the company to learn from it.

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