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Types of Corporate Video Production


Corporate Video Production

Are you in Sydney and looking to implement video production into your business? You’ve come to the right place. The xhtml team is dedicated to serving up the best news and info in the industry. Here you will find awesome information on video production tailored for those who live in Sydney. We’re constantly in talks with video production Sydney companies to get the latest tips and tricks! Consider this your one stop shop to everything you’ll ever need to know about video production! We welcome you to take a read through out blog, but first lets get the basics down. Below is some basic info about corporate video production from Full Frame Productions and the types of videos you can use with your business. One thing we haven’t spoken about is explainer videos. The world of corporate video production is huge, let’s dive in.

In this era aptly christened information age, making an excellent corporate video production is easier than ever; thanks to the proliferation of sterling computer editing programs and High Definition cameras. In the past, corporate video production was an unexciting, tedious and pricey affair. However, it still remains, even now, one of the best ways for corporations to get their word out about rousing company developments or simply for training employees.

Testimonial Videos

If you want to drive sales through the roof then create credible video testimonials. This is a great way of sharing down-to-earth, personal stories of how your corporation helps people by doing what it does and why. Talk of pulling back the curtain on your corporation. Generate content by interviewing employees talking about how fun it is to work in your company, or capture customers speaking about their love for your products.

Training Videos

It is now easier to include training videos in your presentations thanks to the proliferation of inexpensive high-quality digital cameras, video sharing sites, and brilliant video-editing software’s. Training videos are excellent for demonstrating soft-skill training in action like say, a sales technique or simply showing how to perform a physical task. Put another way, corporate video production is great for showing actions that cannot be expressed in words.

Company Profile Videos

There is no better way to market your business than reaching your audience through a catchy video detailing your company’s profile. Company profile videos reinforce your branding messages – using creative elements – while conversely grounding up solid information about your business culture, career paths, and your brand in totality. Ensure, therefore, your company profile videos create a positive impact regarding your business.

Product Videos

To easily overcome any doubts that a customer may have regarding your product use interesting product sales videos that aptly demonstrate the product in action and instructions of how to effectively use it. Play to your audiences’ emotions while at it. That is what corporate video production is all about; clearly addressing the doubts and questions that myriad of potential customers may have when merely viewing products on your website pages. Product Info Videos: Capture the enthusiasm of your product, the uniqueness of using it, and the remarkable features it possesses by using product info videos. For your audience to grasp the value of your product instantly, the use of corporate video production is necessary. In fact, it is the only way that your product can capture the hearts of many potential users. Make good use of excellent music, sound effects and smooth narration when creating product info videos – while equally persuading consumers to purchase your product.

UGC Video Production

UGC stands for user-generated content. Video production is tieing in with these more and more these days. Corporate video production companies like Full Frame Productions  are treating this as a real gap in the market. This is content done by the user, usually by the customers, talking about how they use the products, their feedback on it, their thoughts on the company, and so on. If these campaigns turn out with a positive outcome, they can be even more valuable than happy employee/customer testimonials.

While the testimonials come from real customers and real employees, they are still produced by the company, and people may consider that the company will only choose for this happy customers or employees. While, with UGC campaigns, there is no doubt that the customers were the ones to make the video, and the company only disclosed it in their campaigns.

UGC campaigns are a great way to get positiveness about a company out there, but they are also an amazing way to get some reviews and thoughts about the company and its products. Although most user-generated content should be positive, the reactions to it might be full of precious information for the company.

UGC campaigns carry a great advantage over others forms of corporate videos. UGC campaigns are, well, user generate, and any user who participates in the campaign, will want to show, and get his friends and family involved in the campaign. Besides being fun and supporting a company that they clearly like, it’s also something different to talk about. And most consumers trust word-of-mouth reviews and advertising more than they trust anything that comes out directly from the company. This is why most companies nowadays are getting into the “UGC game” and are launching their own user-generated content campaigns.

UGC campaigns usually happen when a company incentivizes its customers to share their thoughts on a product, a service or their overall satisfaction with the company. While the customers start sharing their thoughts over the Internet, the company keeps the ball rolling with advertisements, and provides some content by itself (users can’t do all the work). When the ball starts rolling, all the company has to do is maintain it, since people will see their friends and family sharing content, and they won’t want to be left out, so they will also share content, leading to a very successful user-generated content campaign.


The International Appeal Provided by Sydney Video Production

There have been many famous international films shot in Australia, and more specifically Sydney. The latest famous film to be filmed in Sydney Australia is 2013’s “The Great Gatsby” starring Leonard Di Caprio. The centre of all Australian productions is Sydney. Sidney video production is aided by the fact that most filming locations located in Australia are located in this city. For instance, Fox studios in Sydney have been used as an indoor film production location for most local and international films as they can be customised to resemble any setting anticipated by the film setting.

The fact that the film “The Great Gatsby” is inspired by the famous American novel that features American characters and setting as well as revolves around the great depression has sparked even more interest in the Australian film industry. The main question has been what exactly creates the appeal for Sydney video production for American films. According to Tobey Maguire who plays Nick Carraway in “The Great Gatsby”, filming in Australia is cheaper than in the US and more specifically in Hollywood. This came out during one of his interviews about the film.

A closer look in the Australian film industry reveals that conditions on the ground substantiate this claim. The Australian film industry has suffered drawbacks after tax measures introduced led to the stagnation of the local film industry. This stagnation has left many actors and crew without jobs. This creates an available labour pool for Sydney video production. The Australian film industry is also assisted by the government through funding in a bid to promote it as one of the world’s best filming destinations. Other incentives provided by Australia includes rebate for all international film production work conducted in the country. All these combined have worked to promote the Sydney video production industry.

The high-wage demands in the US have led to more productions being moved overseas in a bid to keep production budgets low. Canada has been one of the main filming destinations for American films, but this is mainly for outside shots due to the ease of creating an American setting. Sydney video production was preferred over Canada as it was appropriate for both indoor and outdoor filming for “The Great Gatsby” film. In a film, the “Valley of Ashes” is well depicted by a location in Balmain located in Sydney. The area has a long industrial past that is appropriately used to depict the Valley of Ashes.

Sydney video production is further boosted by the availability of qualified personnel who are ready to work on these film productions. Australia is home to renowned directors such as Baz Luhrmann, the director chosen for “The Great Gatsby” film. There are many local actors available and qualified to work in these international films. The studios and filming locations all over Sydney and the rest of the country are also staffed with qualified crew members. The long list of international films shot in Australia seems to point to even further development in the Sydney video production industry.

How Australia’s Sydney Video Production Services Can Help Shoot Great Films

Ever watched Crooked Business? The 95-minute feature film shot in Australia’s Gold Coast and which premiered in early 2008? No? You certainly need to. You will overly be impressed by the comedy of errors staged by the movie stars small time hustler Elmo, and his leading best friend ‘Stand-Up’ Stevie. If you want to learn a few pointers about big film shooting in Sydney, and the stages aptly followed to develop such great films, gladly seek Sydney video production services.

Film Stages That Sydney Video Production Comes In Handy

Pre-Production – Everything in the Crooked Business film started here, at the pre-production stage. Being the initial stage of film making, professionals write scripts, schedule, budget for the entire film, and even storyboard each scene shot for shot. To get the best of pre-production stages, video production Sydney companies use video shoots, which entirely bring out the fine elements of big film production like gathering props, hiring crew, securing locations, and casting calls, etc.

Production – The Crooked Business outstanding film production can simply be said to have used quality, different types of cameras to remarkably shoot each scene. To get excellent photo shots that are fully compliant with the big film industry standards, you need to seek Sydney video production services that use HD cinema cameras and other suitable video production tools, which significantly aid in the production of exceptional films like Crooked Business. Visit this video production company for more information on corporate videos.

In addition to the HD cinema cameras, Sydney video production services have complete video kits and accessories aptly needed in all the various aspects of film production. Think of high-quality microphones and booms, noise filters, field monitors, and ‘fluid head’ tripods. These valuable accessories are very important in the production stages of every big film in Sydney, Australia. Especially when shooting crucial scenes that require high-quality video and cinema cameras.

Final Stage of Film Making That Sydney Video Production Comes in Handy

Post-Production – This is the final stage of the film making process where proper editing is done to make it completely perfect for audience viewing. In order to achieve special effects, excellent sound effects and creation of unique texts titles like those used in the Crooked Business film, sterling Sydney video production editing tools are aptly considered necessary. Sydney’s video production latest technology can easily transform big films from soup to nuts.

“Crooked Business” is about Elmo and ‘Stand-Up’ Stevie. Stevie, who happens to have sold a counterfeit gold watch to a Russian biker, flies out to Melbourne with his best friend Elmo to pick up some stolen jewellery packed in a briefcase as a move to buy his way out. But when in Melbourne, a gunfight breaks out and in the confusion they pick the wrong briefcase.