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How Australia’s Sydney Video Production Services Can Help Shoot Great Films

Ever watched Crooked Business? The 95-minute feature film shot in Australia’s Gold Coast and which premiered in early 2008? No? You certainly need to. You will overly be impressed by the comedy of errors staged by the movie stars small time hustler Elmo, and his leading best friend ‘Stand-Up’ Stevie. If you want to learn a few pointers about big film shooting in Sydney, and the stages aptly followed to develop such great films, gladly seek Sydney video production services.

Film Stages That Sydney Video Production Comes In Handy

Pre-Production – Everything in the Crooked Business film started here, at the pre-production stage. Being the initial stage of film making, professionals write scripts, schedule, budget for the entire film, and even storyboard each scene shot for shot. To get the best of pre-production stages, video production Sydney companies use video shoots, which entirely bring out the fine elements of big film production like gathering props, hiring crew, securing locations, and casting calls, etc.

Production – The Crooked Business outstanding film production can simply be said to have used quality, different types of cameras to remarkably shoot each scene. To get excellent photo shots that are fully compliant with the big film industry standards, you need to seek Sydney video production services that use HD cinema cameras and other suitable video production tools, which significantly aid in the production of exceptional films like Crooked Business. Visit this video production company for more information on corporate videos.

In addition to the HD cinema cameras, Sydney video production services have complete video kits and accessories aptly needed in all the various aspects of film production. Think of high-quality microphones and booms, noise filters, field monitors, and ‘fluid head’ tripods. These valuable accessories are very important in the production stages of every big film in Sydney, Australia. Especially when shooting crucial scenes that require high-quality video and cinema cameras.

Final Stage of Film Making That Sydney Video Production Comes in Handy

Post-Production – This is the final stage of the film making process where proper editing is done to make it completely perfect for audience viewing. In order to achieve special effects, excellent sound effects and creation of unique texts titles like those used in the Crooked Business film, sterling Sydney video production editing tools are aptly considered necessary. Sydney’s video production latest technology can easily transform big films from soup to nuts.

“Crooked Business” is about Elmo and ‘Stand-Up’ Stevie. Stevie, who happens to have sold a counterfeit gold watch to a Russian biker, flies out to Melbourne with his best friend Elmo to pick up some stolen jewellery packed in a briefcase as a move to buy his way out. But when in Melbourne, a gunfight breaks out and in the confusion they pick the wrong briefcase.

Importance of Corporate Video Production



How Important is Video Production?

Nope, online video and video production is NOT just another hyped-up marketing fad that’s bound to fade into oblivion. There’s got to be a reason why video production sites like Viemo, Youtube, Dailymotion, and others are gaining popularity. Moreover, other social networking and media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram have integrated video in their features!

If that’s not enough proof, then looking at the 2012 report of the B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey.  The survey revealed that respondents choose video production over the reams of white papers, case studies, and even live demonstration with representatives.

Yes, online corporate video production is getting stronger as a business tool. If you are yet to include it in your business toolbox, the following 3 reasons why it’s so important in today’s business setting will convince you.

Corporate Video Right Can Increase Brand Recognition

Creating and distributing a professional corporate video production made specifically for your business website is very important. By doing so, you establish your services and offers in your industry. Unlike a team of reps, a video can tell you what your business does; what benefits you can deliver; and connect with your audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And when your video is distributed to the right channels and networks, your business’ brand and credibility can only increase. Implementing video production is a must!

People love Videos, It Engages Them!

People today prefer watching videos instead of reading long, boring blocks of text. The reason is simple: Videos are way more engaging. If your business has products or services that need an explanation to convert, delaying a video production and distributing it through your website, blog, Facebook page, and YouTube channel can do wonders for your lead generation, customer acquisition rate, and profit.

Believe it or not, video marketing and video production is still a relatively young tool for generating leads. But it shouldn’t take long for the rest of the business world to catch up. Use it to its fullest potential before other people jump on the bandwagon.

Video Production Decreases Website Bounce Rate

Who doesn’t go online nowadays!? Everybody uses the internet for their own purposes – from 12-year-olds to retirees and everyone else in between. You’ve got a website to capture the attention of your target market (online) – that’s good. However, when you add a professional video to your site, the quality and quantity of your online traffic can only bet better.

You see, the average online visitor will leave your site in just a couple of seconds if they don’t find anything engaging…. like a video. This is called bounce rate, and a higher bounce rate means more people who drop by at your site don’t really get your message. However, video production to the rescue!

Fortunately, you can greatly reduce your bounce rate and ensure that most of your visitors get the message you’re sending across. While it does depend on the quality and length of your video production, it has been proven – time and time again – that video content holds the attention of site visitors longer especially when compared to text-only content.

Sydney Corporate Video Production Treasures



Video Production Sydney

Sydney is a good place for corporate video production to use as backdrops for videos. There are several iconic landmarks found in the city that have unique characteristics. They provide spectacular views that add flavor to your videos. These locations offer something distinctive to make videos more appealing to the viewers.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

For production companies Sydney, the Harbour Bridge is the focal point of the city. It links Sydney’s central business district to the city’s north. It is one of the most recognized imageries of Sydney that corporate video production can use especially during New York when the bridge is showered with fireworks. Since it opened in 1932, it remained an architectural marvel to date. The bridge can be recognized easily. For a unique view of the city, the film crew can take a Bridge Climb up the top of the span in the center. It can be taken during the day or night. The video would have a different perspective of the city.




Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is probably the most recognisable structure in the city. Its sail-like arches make it unique from any other structure in the world. People usually associate Australia with the structure, just like how the Eiffel Tower is to France. It is one of the busiest public venues in the world with over 3,000 performances every year. More than 200,000 people visit the facility each year. When a corporate video production uses it as a backdrop, people can immediately tell that the video was made in Australia. We think you’ll enjoy looking at it’s website.




Circular Quay

If you want to be in the center of Sydney’s major attractions then go to Circular Quay. It is near the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House and the Rocks. It is also a major transport hub that connects various public transport systems, such as ferries, buses, and trains. It provides a lot of visuals that make it a perfect setting for a shoot by a corporate video production. Aside from the tourist attractions, it features interesting visuals such as talented street entertainers and buskers who perform for the passers-by. It also provides a good view of the celebrations and fireworks displays of the city.



Sydney Tower

Corporate video production that wants a clear view of the entire city should go to the Sydney Tower. It is the tallest free standing structure in the city and the tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere. The Observation Deck is the ideal place to shoot a 360 view of Sydney.

These are the hidden treasures that Sydney has to offer when it comes to backdrops for video shoots in the city. A corporate video production can use the locations above to add value to their videos.